STD : HPV Papillomavirus

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) mainly affect the internal and external genital organs and call for primary andrological screening.

This work-up comprises a detailed patient interview and complete clinical examination (focussed on the external and internal genital organs). Additional tests may be required at a medical test laboratory specialised in screening for STDs  (importance of samples after « extended » prostate massage) Medical imaging may also be considered, together with a peniscopy. Gonorrhoea (gonococcal infection), syphilis (Treponema), tuberculosis (Koch bacillus), other less specific germs (staphylococcus aureus,…),  mycoplasma or chlamydiae, round-forms of Trichomonas (parasite), AIDS (HIV : human immunodeficiency virus), venereal condylomatosis  (HPV/papillomavirus), hepatitis (A B or C), mycosis (fungal infection), or no infectious agents at all may thus be highlighted.

A specific treatment will be considered for the man examined, and also systematically for all his partners (male or female) in order to break the chain of infection. The growing frequency of multiple infestations (combination of several pathogenic agents) calls for special vigilance and experienced diagnostic teams.

These multiple infestations are linked to sexual mixity, weakened immune defenses owing to an increase in fatigue, social pressure and stress. Multiple therapy to target each infectious agent for a sufficient period of time (risks of overly quick treatment) is then proposed to all the « sexual players ». Sexual abstinence is advised, in addition to diet and lifestyle counselling, to reduce inflammation of the genital pathways.