What is andropause ?

Andropause has been defined as male « menopause », the putting to rest, or « pause », of male genital functions, but in fact it is more gradual, and often partial or even inconsistent (after all, Charlie Chaplin and Anthony Quinn had legitimate children after the age of 80  ...). Mental vitality plays a very important part in preserving physical vitality.

It combines irritability, fatigue, night sweats and also erectile difficulties.

Only patients with a specific hormone deficiency – that of bioavailable testosterone, which has a direct action on hormone receptors – will be treated. All the other tests are less specific.

Androgen treatment will only be envisaged in the absence of contra-indications (prostate cancer, breast cancer, muscle hypertrophy, serious psychiatric disorders, sleep apnea, major respiratory disorders, polyglobulia). A complete clinical examination is therefore systematically carried out together with an intrarectal digital palpation, PSA and free to total PSA tests, NFS and a transrectal ultrasonography of the prostate (TRUS), prior to treatment, followed by regular monitoring during treatment. 

The customary treatment is injectable or oral androgens, or a gel. Other forms of treatment remain highly controversial (chorionic gonadotrophins, growth hormone, DHEA-sulphate, melatonin ...) . Finally, some techniques of stress management can reverse the aging process.