Michelle JOURDAIN : Sexologist from the Faculty of PARIS (Lariboisière-St Louis)

"When Medicine says all is well : Sexology can begin"

Appointements into the office  : Tel :09 82 25 00 08

Sexologist is a specialist in sexuality. While andrologist explores organic level (penis, testis, prostate, + vascular and nervous system), sexologist  analyzes psychogenic level of sexuality, the mind. The two approaches are complementary because very often organic and psychogenic  factors responsible for the disorders are entangled.

If we compare with the fonctionning of a computer, organic level is the equipment (hardware) and psychogenic level is the  software. An audit of the functioning of the 2 levels is needed for full treatment.

Optimum operation of your sexual ability, can only be conceived through a subtle and optimal functioning of your entire sexual physiology, both organic (brain, nerves, vessels, corpus cavernosum : hardware), and functional (psychic : software). Therefore comprehensive and holistic care are essential both organic and psychogenic, and the full development of psychological potential is fundamental.