Our team comprises a surgeon urologist-andrologist (former resident Hôpitaux de Paris, former instructor assistant Hôpitaux de Paris ) and a medical practitioner-sexologist.

Physicians at the centre work in the non-agreement sector.

Fees : average cost is 90 to 120 €  and depends on time spent.


Peniscopy : 130 €


Specialized multi pathologies consultation  :  140 à 160 €


Teleconsultations for transmission of misplaced documents by encrypted mail (only by phone): Doctolib 15 minutes: 30 €


Teleconsultations for diagnostic purposes (only by phone): Doctolib 15 minutes: 60 €



Teleconsultations for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes (only by telephone): Doctolib 15 minutes: 90

We can also communicate through SKYPE. Just let us know in the "comment" (see "contact us"), give us your skype I.D., and the french time when you will be connected.
Consultations are by appointment only. Tel : +33 6 15 23 25 82
Quick appointement for consultation before 9 am and after 7.30 pm and on saturday (with extra fees).