Non bacterial prostatitis : Chlamydiae


Preliminary study on the diagnostic and therapeutic value of prostate massage in apparently abacterial chronic or sub-acute prostatitis. About 166 observations

Patrick CONSTANCISa1, Patrick SAADAb, Francis TOBOLSKIc, Michelle JOURDAINa2. Jonathan CONSTANCISa3 *


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Endpoint : 166 patients with signs of chronic or sub-acute prostatitis received prostate massages to enhance microbiological diagnosis.

A suitable anti-infection protocol, together with prostate massages, was then proposed to drain the prostatic acini and fragment and eliminate the biofilms responsible for persisting lesions.

Stamey was one of the first urologists to promote prostate massage in the ‘60s in order to find the infectious agents not detected by urine cytobacteriological examination and a standard urethral sample : whence the unwarranted name of « nonbacterial prostatitis ».


Results : The additional diagnostic value of these massages is clear (moving from 85% false negatives for standard samples to under 15% for urethral samples with prostate massage).

In terms of treatment : prostate massages fully comply with guide-lines for other infectious disorders involving biofilms : eliminate them as actively as possible. The long-term cure rate of these prostatitis syndromes is 90%. Complications are benign and rare.


Conclusion : These results are predicated on scrupulous respect for contraindications, a demanding therapeutic protocol and strict criteria for cure.


Key words : prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, sub-acute prostatitis, nonbacterial prostatitis, prostate massage