Medical acts performed

Dr Constancis, urologist / andrologist, performs all the medical acts that are customary in such a practice :
What are our fields of exploration and treatment :

All aspects of ANDROLOGY :

Male genitalia (prostate, testis and their ducts, penis)
•    Erectile disorders (erectile dysfunction, impotence ...)
                          What tests and examinations will you undergo
                          What kind of treatment can you expect
                          You want to know more about erectile disorders
                                         The physiology
                                         The causes

•    Ejaculatory disturbances (premature ejaculation, ejaculation disorders ...)

•    Diseases of the prostate : adenoma (benign prostatic hypertrophy), prostatitis, cancer ... and the most sophisticated treatments available (laser ....)



•    Penile disorders : Peyronie's disease, small penis, infections..



. Peniscopy.

•    Andropause

•    Diseases of the testis : pain, tumors, varicocele ...



And also UROLOGY :

Urinary tract
•    Urinary calculi and treatment by extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL)

•    Urinary infections : cystitis, prostatitis ...

•    Disorders of micturition : loss of urine, straining and frequency ...

•    Tumors